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Fabian Brims

Graphic Design & Art

Good design improves people’s lives, communication, and organization; in short it solves problems. I enjoy fixing and optimizing things and I’m highly creative, so I realized that design is more than just a passion for me:

it’s my calling!

Fabian Brims Bio

Fabian Brims is a German American graphic artist and designer based in Houston, Texas. Brought up in Germany he enjoyed an extensive education, before he decided to finish his BFA in the United States, where he graduated in Summer 2020 at the University of Houston Clear Lake.

He spent many years working in film and video production and is an avid photographer, videographer and editor. Fabian enjoys challenging himself and crossing disciplines: He can create a logo, adapt it for stationary and other printables, and animate it to use it for websites and videos, but he also shows art in galleries, creates books, and paints colorful murals.

His strengths are his imagination, attention to detail, and creative problem solving skills, as well as proper communication in English and German. Fabian loves being creative, working in a team, and talking about the latest movies, because he also works as a film critic for both web and television.

Download resume here.

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